We rent AND SELL a variety of trench boxes for all excavation needs. Our line of trench boxes enables us to provide coverage to anyone working in a dangerous subterranean environment. Boxes include aluminum and steel builds for durability and transportation needs, as well as with fixed, adjustable or instant-adjustable spreader pipe systems. Please check out our pages below for more information about our trench box lines, features and options.

If you are looking to buy, rent or customize a piece of equipment for your underground job we have just what you need. We have expanded our product and service lines from trench shoring to guided auger boring for the trenchless construction. Whatever your needs are from planning, pricing and installation to training, consulting and engineering, we’re with you every step of the way.


Aluminum Trench Boxes


Easy to use and easy to transport and assemble. These strong boxes are engineered to be light enough to move without machinery, without forgoing any of the strength or quality.


Slide Rail Shoring

NEW - Slide Rail Trench Box Systems

Install slide rail systems as you dig deeper or further without wasting any time on backfill or completion. Install slide rail systems as you dig deeper or further without wasting any time on backfill or completion. Custom engineered per job, our slide rail shoring solution systems will provide maximum coverage, at maximum depths, for maximum distances.


Steel Trench Boxes

Steel Trench Boxes

Heavy Duty and durable for any soil type or work condition. Steel trench boxes are much heavier and harder to transport and assemble, but can withstand much more wear and tare from machinery.


ICON provides engineering services for temporary shoring systems for your difficult underground projects. ICON’s engineering departments can provide you with full site-specific engineering services with a P.E. stamp if needed. For special projects around live railroad tracks and large building structures we can provide E-80 loading and deflection calculations.

All we need to get started on your engineering project is a fax, email or hard copy of the site plans, structure plans including profile along with soil information logs or geotechnical borings. We then can devise an excavation shoring solution that will enable you to get the job done right, on time and on budget. ICON can provide up to 10 copies of large-scale drawings and/or calculations for your excavation shoring system in a reasonable timeframe and cost structure.

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