ROADPLATES.COM has built an industry on the moving and relocating of roadplates across the country. It is for this reason we use Road Plate Lifting Nuts and Lifting Rings in our rental fleet. With heavy equipment comes heavy responsibility. We firmly believe that the lifting solutions we provide offer a much safer, faster and easier method for moving transporting road plates. We strongly recommend installing lifting nuts in all plates requiring lift via chain.


Promoting safety often requires reducing risk. A primary safety concern for work crews using road plates is how to safely lift and transport them. The greatest risk for accident occurs during transport, when plates are lifted in the air to be set or moved. Due to the large surface area of the plates, they are sensitive to moving forces, and prone to tilt, spin and sway. Any external force such as wind or simple vibrations can cause a plate to change orientation or direction dramatically. Movement of the plate, coupled with its intense weight can create force and impact capable of causing tremendous damage to machinery, surrounds and work crews alike.


The Road Plate Lifting Ring works in conjunction with the Lifting Nut as they lock together to provide a flush and secure connection, preserving the strength of the nut. The 360o swivel and the 180o pivot absorb external force stabilizing the plate in a horizontal position regardless of the chain or machinery lifting it.


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Actek Manufacturing produces the highest quality lifting and rigging materials and devices. We are a proud customer and distributor of Actek. We exclusively install Actek lifting nuts and supporting devices in all of our rental plates featuring lifting options. It is hands down the safest and highest quality option to keep crews and pedestrians safe from accidents occurring during lifting and transportation of plates. The 360 degree forged swivel ring allows a smooth pick of plates, maintaining a level surface to prevent guillotining and spinning during movement. All Actek products come with test certifications and install guarantees from the manufacturer, including;

ISO 9001:2015 Registered

  1. Large Inventory to facilitate same day shipping

  2. 200% Proof-load Test all hoist rings with certificate.

  3. Each hoist ring is individually serial numbered for better traceability.

  4. $2,000,000 Product Liability Insurance



The Lock-N-Lift Model #750 tool is the original patented dovetail-style lifting tool and is still the industry benchmark for safe and easy handling of road plates. Since 1981, more than 25,000 Model #750 tools have been put to use throughout North America eliminating the need for pry bars, installation tools or thread cleaning when moving and storing road plates. The Model #750 tool maximizes worker safety by eliminating the need to ever put a hand, foot or any tooling under a road plate, even during the installation of the weld-in plate. The Model #750 tool is made in the USA from the best available aircraft quality AISI 4330 steel.  The tools are heat treated to provide a safe working load of 8,000 pounds with a 5:1 safety factor.